1.Can anyone create community on AlmaShines on behalf of a college?

All the communities on AlmaShines are required to have an Admin. Hence, any one can request to begin a community on AlmaShines but an admin is appointed to take care of community.

2.Why does one need to be a part of Almashines if he/she has account on other social networking sites?

We believe that all individuals are connected to a very rich and powerful network which is his/her alumni network. But currently there is no robust channel that lets us to stay connected with that network. So we want to be that channel that solves this pain point.

3.Can anyone join any community? If No, how a user is authenticated to assure that he/she joins the appropriate community?

In Almashines, we maintain the privacy of individual communities, which means that we take care that only genuine members are joining the community. We do this with the help of our multi levelled authentication protocols.

4.If I want to join multiple college communities, do I have to make different accounts?

No, you can register in all the communities, as a genuine member, with the same account, but you shall separately take up the authentication process for all the communities.

5.I am a student, can I also join AlmaShines?

Yes, definitely. Almashines brings immense exposure and opportunities for the students, which can help them to have a great career growth.

6.Is there an upper limit on the number of members a community can have?

No, there is no such upper limit. At Almashines we aim at facilitating institutes to grow prosperous alumni communities, hence we want to work in coherence with institutes to build a hassle free and automated community