An online engagement platform to facilitate institutes to connect with their alumni
It is founded by three graduates from IIT-Kanpur

The Story

While managing alumni relations in their college, three individuals realised a few extremely common problems in connecting with alumni, like database management, reaching out to vast number of alumni, lack of response from alumni and coordination between institute and alumni.

Soon they realised that putting technology to best of its use and automating the concept of alumni relation can resolve all the hassles and this is where one of the most powerful alumni engagement tools was born.

What do we do?


We create crazy ideas and grow them into amazing ones


We code our ideas to bring revolutionary products to life


We connect institute to their alumni with unique tools


We cherish the happy faces of people connecting with their alma mater


"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships." --Michael Jordan


Dr. Madhukumar Mehta

Founding Team Member and Chief Mentor- icreate

Mr. K.Thyagrajan

Director, iCreate

Mr. Anupam Lavania

Veteran Entrepreneur


Kapil Dev Advani

Director of Business

Manohar Sharma

Director of Technology

Palash Agarwal

Director of Product Development

Team Members

Shailee Mehta

Intern, Web Development

IET-Ahmedabad University

Erali Shah

Intern, Design

IET-Ahmedabad University

Vivek Chaudhari

Intern, Web Development

Institute of Technology-Nirma University

Nelson Kalariya

Intern, Mobile App Development

Institute of Technology-Nirma University

Sanjay Jain

Intern, Mobile App Development

Institute of Technology-Nirma University

Chetan Bhardra

Intern, Web Development

ISTAR College

Ashwin Dalvi

Intern, Web Development

IIT Gandhinagar

Parag Ramteke

Intern, Business Development

IIT Gandhinagar

Prince Kumar Singh

Intern, Business Development

IIT Gandhinagar

Muskan Jain

Intern, Design

NID Ahmedabad

Saumya Goyal

Intern, Design

NID Ahmedabad

Ishan Bhatt

Intern, Content Creation

PDPU Gandhinagar

Kishan Rungta

Intern, Web Development

NMIMS Mumbai

Utsav Mathur

Intern, Web Development

Institute of Technology-Nirma University

Shreeya Patel

Intern, Web Development

IET-Ahmedabad University

Chirag Vaghela

Intern, Web Development

JIET Jodhpur

Govind Savara

Intern, Web Development


Ria Sharma

Intern, Content Management




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Who we are

We are a bunch of young, highly enthusiastic people, working on transforming the way institute-alumni relations are seen. We are working day and night to make people realise the immense power that lies in the alumni network of their alma mater.
Our team has Hackers, Designers, Hustlers, but the core of our team lies in the passion, the passion about revolutionizing the world by putting technology to its best use
If you also want to be a part of thisamazing journey along with a bunch of fascinating people and write your own growth story, then we have definitely got a role for you

Why you should NOT join our team

We are just a start-up, consisting of very young, full of energy people, so we cannot give you a corporate environment.
We hustle with every problem till we conquer it, so we can't promise you a peaceful 9-to-5 job.
Since we are a small team, having one motto, 'The show must go on!', you may be required to wear multiple hats, so you cannot expect a well-defined job
While working, make friends and live your work, so we can't give you a good professional life, because for us, work is fun
Still wanna be a part of our team and be a contributor to a revolution?